Minting Experiment

1000 unique collectibles released as part of a minting exercise - like buying a booster pack with random collectibles - but with a way nicer twist. With a first-come-first-serve rule in place when

Exaptation DNA Genetics

Our creature collectibles hide a secret in their DNA. Each, is packed with one DNA Type which enables it to breed and evolve into a new creature. From your personal collection you're be

The First 84

With the network fees higher than absurd this restricted batch is just for high rollers. Our first drop arrived on Ethereum network with a reserve price of 0.084 ETH per unit. Browse

VR Metaverse Museum

Our first Virtual Reality Museum is ready and featuring a subset of the First 84 NFTs released from the 2984 Exaptation Series.

2984 Series

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) becoming incorporated into more aspects of our daily lives, it’s only natural that several artists have been exploring writing computer programs to generate art (algorithmic art, generative art)